I worked as a journalist in Philadelphia from 2003-2012, as a writer and then editor at the Philadelphia City Paper and then as the project manager for It’s Our Money, a collaborative project of the Philadelphia Daily News and WHYY covering city government. I have won awards for my coverage of issues such as immigration, juvenile justice, child welfare, labor, and media. I also contributed a bunch of book reviews to the Washington Monthly along the way. Here are links to some of my favorite pieces.

85 Shots, about the last day of 30-year old Steven “Butter” Miller’s life, and the aftermath of his shooting

How This FeelsCity Paper’s 2008 endorsement of Barack Obama. I’m not proud of it so much because it was so politically astute, but because I think it really captured the way it felt to be rooting for Obama, but not trusting that he could actually win.

The Big Miedo, about a day in 2006 when rumors of immigration sweeps terrified local immigrants and shut down city businesses.

Modern Immaturity, a book review I wrote for the Washington Monthly tentatively defending my generation of males from the accusation that we refuse to grow up.

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